Dog Tag

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1)Create a file with white background , press D and go to Filter--Noise--Add Noise:
2)Apply Filter--Blur--Motion Blur.Make a rectangular shape using Regtacular Marquee Tool and go to Select--Modify--Smooth then select 20 pixels. Press Shift+Ctrl+I and paint it black.

3)Right click on Layer--Blending Options and use this setings :

4)Create a hole in the tag with Eliptical Marque Tool
5)Make the image darker with Ctrl+Alt+M.
6)Write the text on the tag (i used this colour : 5c5c5c ) and apply from Blending Options the setings below for Bevel and Emboss.

7)The image is already done but u can upgrade it . From this tutorial i used the "holes" . On the layer with the holes apply next Blending Options :

8)Press Shifl+Ctrl+E , select all (Ctrl+A) , copy the selected area , and then paste on the texture from this tutorial , then go to Select--Color Range and select the black colour . Delete the black part . Go to Edit--Transform--Rotate and rotate the tag a little bit . Final result :

2 comentarii:

  1. Abby says:

    nice tut, but there's a prob with step 2) after you make a the shape with the rectangular marquee tool, and fill the background with black colour, and the shape is still selected you make a layer via copy for the shape so that it doesnt effect the background.....Hope that helps!:D

  2. elissad says:

    I just want to say that this is not what real Army dog tags look like. The edges should be raised a little, I embossed them. Also, the tag is too long.