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1)Create a file with black background . Write the text in white , duplicate the layer , hide it (click the eye nead the layer).
2)Go to Filter--Distort--Polar Coordinates and select Polar to Rectagular

3)GO to Filter--Stylize--Wind(To the Left) , do this filter 2 times .Do the same thing 2 times but now to the right .
4)Now Image--Rotate Canvas--Rotate 90 CCW and do again Filter--Stylize--Wind 2 times in each side .
5)Filter--Distort--Polar Coordinater and select Rectagular to Polar
6)Now put the hiden layer above and click the eye to active it . Select the text and make it black.

7)Layer--Merge Visible(Shift+Crtl+E) , press Ctrl+U , select Colorize and use this setings 195 100 0 . Final result :

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